Sunday, 25 August 2013

My first ever goth inspired card. I've been asked to make a goth inspired card and it was all last minute so I just sat down a found an image and did what I liked lol. I took a pieced of red card that i'd put clear texture paste thru then used a tonic diamond swing punch down both sides and placed black half pearls at intervals. I had a piece of black card and put some red lace and white ribbon across it b4 putting the red card on top of that. I put my image on that then used a couple of diamond shaped diamant√© embellishments on each side of it. I then added a flower design black spray, silver leaf and white & red flowers.  Unfortunately when I then took my time to read my txt I realised it was for a 13yr old girl who wanted purple so I had to start all over again!! But I did make a lovely card only I forgot to photograph the new one and its gone now oh well I had fun anyway.

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